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I had a fantastic all around experience for my first massage with Erik

He is respectful, has an exceedingly warm and kind energy to him, and above all he is a very skilled massage therapist. The massage was very therapeutic and it is clear that he puts forth all his energy and effort to bring health and healing to your body and mind.

In my humble opinion massage can be one of the most therapeutic and healing of modalities. If you are not used to getting a massage it may feel very foreign and tough to relax at first because it is not in your immediate comfort zone. Erik does his part to create an atmosphere of ease and comfort , the rest is up to you to give yourself the permission and space to relax and enjoy the experience. He is open to any and all communication during the massage so do not feel you have to be quiet if there is something you want to communicate, something you are not comfortable with, you want to shift positions etc. After all it is your time and space for healing so allow yourself to speak freely and openly.

Erik has the rare gift of healing hands and a heart of gold, I would highly recommend trying it out for yourself, you will not regret it!



Unlike most massage therapists with 1-2 years of formal preparation, I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy with 7 years of higher education in movement, pain and tissue science. This gives me an incredible perception and sensitivity to what is happening beneath my hands during your session. From the moment you walk through the doors, from your posture to the way you walk, from your breathing patterns to your tone of voice, I will be able to see exactly where your body needs therapeutic touch.


I LOVE what I do. Seriously. Everywhere I go I see people working so hard to succeed in their jobs, to care for their families, to follow their dreams, but so tired from the world pushing back on them. Are you one of these amazing yet tired people? My clients are dreamers, doers, and difference makers. They are pioneers in their families and in their workplaces, and all they need is a little well-deserved rejuvenation here and there to keep it 100%. I get the privilege and honor of watching people remember that they are made not only for work, but also for rest- not only to care for others, but also to be cared for. This rhythm of life is an ancient and beautiful wisdom, and it is at the heart of everything I do.


I’ll just come out and say it: I have really strong, really skilled hands, and I have been doing this as long as I can remember. In fact, when I was only five years old I already had people lining up for shoulder rubs at my aunt’s wedding- a true story that’s better told in person! These days I mix elements of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai, and Sports massage with Essential Oils in a style that is as unique as my fingerprints and most importantly that responds with your body and your needs.

Essential Oils

Whether you’re the person who’s never tried essential oils before or the essential oil guru who preaches the oily gospel to all the tired huddled masses, I am pleased to tell you that every therapeutic massage at Village is augmented with topical and diffused essential oils.
Some, like argan oil, are simply wonderful for your skin and hair. Others, like peppermint and wintergreen will cool and sooth sore, achy feet and calves. The best part is that there is no standard treatment or formula. Like every other component of your session, it is custom tailored for you!

Which oils do we use?


Feel: Nourishing, Protecting, Decadent
Aroma: Odorless
Use: Luxurious oil for massage of face, TMJ, temples, and scalp. Nourishes and protects skin and hair.


Feel: Warming, Soothing, Analgesic
Aroma: Sweet, Minty, Clean
Use: Respiratory and sinus clearing when used on chest and neck, warming analgesic effect when used on tired, achy muscles from working out or daily tasks.


Feel: Cooling, Soothing, Analgesic
Aroma: Sweet, Minty, Energizing
Use: Respiratory and sinus clearing when used on chest and neck, cooling analgesic effect when used on tired, achy muscles from working out or daily tasks.


Feel: Cleansing, Opening
Aroma: Bright, uplifting, clarifying
Use: Respiratory and sinus clearing when used on chest and neck, aromatherapy


Feel: Warm, Substantial
Aroma: Grounding, Earthy, Strengthening
Use: Purifying effect on distressed skin, feet, armpits, aromatherapy.


Feel: Soft, pampering, delicate
Aroma: Comforting, Sweet, Relaxing
Use: Quiets anxious thoughts, helps relieve headaches and allergies.


Feel: Beautifying, Nurturing
Aroma: Floral, Feminine, Joyful
Use: Nourish and protect skin and hair, brighten mood, perfumes.


Relief + Rhythm + Resonance + Rest


“I’ve tried everything”
“I can’t take this anymore”
“I think I take too many painkillers”
“I’m afraid of surgery”
“My last cortisone shot did nothing”
“I’ve maxed out my insurance”
“The pain makes it hard for me to work”
“I can’t find a comfortable sleeping position”

In my experience, cookie-cutter, one size-fits-all therapy will help about 80% of people suffering with pain, and that is enough to keep most clinics and hospitals busy. But what about the other 20%?

Stacy was one of the 20%. She had been everywhere. She had tried everything. And she was at the end of her rope. When I met her she was frustrated, and understandably skeptical that I could have anything new to offer.

So I just listened to her story. It took a while. But that was fine with me, because I know that our stories have tremendous value. She seemed to be finishing, and once she fell silent, I asked my third-favorite question: “Is there more you would like to say?” Sure enough, she was actually just getting started. That is often the case with chronic pain. It is a long and lonely road. One where even friends and family at some point stop listening.

Then I asked my second favorite question: “Stacy, would you like to change your pain today?”

What we did next surprised her. We changed her pain. But more importantly, we began to uncover the roots of her pain, not just the symptoms. I could tell that we had made enough progress for one day, and I could see that the tired, dispirited person who walked in an hour earlier was now noticeably glowing.

Then I asked my absolute favorite question: “Stacy, would you like to start a new chapter?”

Stacy continued to see me for about 3 months after that day. In that time we were able to walk together through some highs and also some lows, celebrating little victories and also weathering unforseen storms. She generously shared her time, and with that time we unraveled not only the physical causes of her pain, but also the emotions, thoughts, and complicated relationships surrounding the last several years of her life.

If you are like Stacy, you have probably tried all the quick fixes, all the pills, and every other trick in the book, and if you are like Stacy, nothing has worked. Why?

Because cheap solutions are for cheap problems. But you are not a cheap problem to be solved. Your life is powerful and infinitely valuable. You are worthy of healing, and you are worthy of the time it takes to heal.

I am passionate about succeeding where others have failed. I am excited to meet you and listen to your story, and I am even more excited to see hope restored in your life.