At Village Physical Therapy, we help folks in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond live life to the fullest.

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain shouldn’t limit you from living the life you want to live. You may be skeptical of physical therapy because of a past experience with a healthcare professional. Maybe you’ve tried chiropractic, taken pills, massage, or even physical therapy elsewhere, and you weren’t able to find long-term relief.

Maybe you’re feeling like you need to just tough it out or rest and the pain will go away. You might even feel selfish to take the time to seek out help to get out of pain.

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Dr. Matt Klingler is physical therapist, orthopedic and low back pain specialist. He and his wife Nicole started Village Fitness and then Village Physical Therapy with the mission to see people in Glendora live vibrant and healthy lives in community.

Matt helps people just like you who want to be healthy, active and to steward well. He and his team believe people ages 50+ should not have to live in pain, take pain killers for the rest of their life or be unable to do the things they love.

The people who come to see us at Village Physical Therapy often…

  • Are told to rest and it would go away (but it didn’t)
  • Went to their primary care doctor and were given painkillers. These may have helped a little, but not completely and they hate taking pills.
  • We’re told they would eventually need surgery no matter what (and now they don’t)
  • They’ve been told they have arthritis or degenerative disk disease and the pain is just part of getting older.
  • They have tried exercises on the internet or read articles and were unable to find relief.

Sound familiar?

If any of these sounds like you, I’d love for you to chat with one of our licensed physical therapists on the phone.

We work with patients every day who are in pain and unable to do the things they love. They’ve been told pain is part of getting older, or a results of their arthritis, or they would have to take painkillers for life. These are the people we love to help. We work with people like this each and every day.

If you’ve tried any of the things I mentioned above and it didn’t work, it simply means we are one step closer to finding out how to get you lasting relief from pain and get you back to doing what you love.

Here are 3 people we've helped.
Enjoy watching the videos of our patients who not only found relief, but were able to understand how to stay pain-free long-term.

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